Custom Studios

The only thing bigger than our imagination is that of our clients. From concept to execution, we work side by side with our clients to create an engaging experience geared toward meeting their goals. Social engagement, novel output, and a genuine connection between brand and consumer are all factors we consider when crafting an experience. We are absolutely passionate about the creative process, and it is that passion that drives us to elevate our clients' events beyond the booth.

BlizzCon 2015

In 2015, the good folks at Blizzard Entertainment came to us with a challenge: put guests into the game. We worked with their team, our designers, and spent countless hours creating a custom GIF Studio experience that met their goals. Over three days, six thousand guests were given the opportunity to be immersed in one of six popular Blizzard Entertainment games. This is still one of our favorite custom Studio Experiences to date!

Gumpy Cat @ SXSW

In 2014 we got a call that a VIP celeb would be coming to town for SXSW, and we needed to create an experience for guests to take and share photos with the star. That star, of course, turned out to be a very famous cat. In 2015, and in 2016, we resurrected and revamped the experience, but one thing has always remained the same: people will wait in line for a very long time to get a picture with the world's most famous cat!

History Channel Cross Country Cookout

In 2014 we learned how to wrestle gators... mechanical gators. We traveled to 14 cities during the summer and fall as part of the History Channel's Cross Country Cookout Tour to capture guests learning this skill as well. We shot video of the brave and willing participants wrestling a mechanical gator, turned that clip into an instantly shareable GIF, and all in the name of promoting the network's upcoming season of the wildly popular show Swamp People. We had so much fun executing this experience! We even witnessed a young couples' engagement atop the mechanical gator!


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