When brands sponsor a photo experience at an event, everybody wins! At Photo Buzz Studios we work with clients to create custom photo experiences that build positive connections between brand and consumer and offer a measurable return on investment. By offering the same level of service to sponsors, we create a dynamic and lasting impression of their brand, provide guests with an entertaining experience and physical take-away, and elevate the event

Why Photo Experiences?

We strive to go beyond the booth and create a studio experience. Why does this set you apart as an event sponsor? If you attend an event where sponsors are present, which are you more likely to recall one year later - the logo and phone number on the ball point pen your received as a give-away and likely lost, or the brand that created the cool and fun photo op, the one whose photo strip is still hanging on your fridge or in your cubicle? By creating an experience for guests, we create brand awareness and foster brand loyalty that lasts long after the end of an event.

By providing a meaningful, shareable, and unsurpassed photo experience, we can:

  • Captivate the Consumer
  • Warm the Lead
  • Initiate a Conversation
  • Incentivize a Call to Action
  • Capture Leads
  • Collect Feedback
  • Generate Impressions
  • Measure Engagement
  • Report ROI
  • Create Content
  • Drive a Message
  • Create Brand Awareness
  • Generate Word of Mouth

The Rule of Three

A successful sponsored photo experience is built on three pillars:

Branding | Connection | Measurement

We work directly with sponsors to make sure that every aspect of an experience can be branded. From the physical appearance of the studio, to the output that guests share and print, to the digital footprint of a sponsorship, we work hard to make you look good!

We hate thinking "inside the booth", so we work with every client, big and small, to craft a truly unique studio. Our greatest goal is to create a positive experience your guests will associate with your brand for years to come, and that typically doesn't involve working form a template! Novel output and genuine connection is what we strive to provide.

We want you to know your money is well spent. We report on the success of your event in the physical, digital, and social realms. By tracking the reach of your output, we can measure engagement both inside and outside of the studio, during and after your event.


We work with clients to craft a high impact experience that works within their budget. Prioritizing your goals for a sponsorship, determining what type of physical output and digital footprint will achieve those goals, and discussing what type of information is important to you after an event will all help determine price. Get in touch for a comprehensive quote today!