Customization Options

With an opportunity to brand and customize every aspect of each Studio Experience, we are able to tell your brand's story in a cohesive and memorable way.


When you take advantage of physical branding opportunities, you truly give off the impression that your fun and unique photo activation was an "in-house" production, and we're totally okay with you taking all the credit!

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portable photo booth

Vinyl Wrapped Photo Booth

Custom Sharing Stations

Sharing Station Tablet Stand

Custom Printed Backdrop

Printed Backdrop


You can customize each digital interaction within the guest experience by branding the user interface of our booth and sharing software.

Customized Booth Software

Customized Sharing Software


The ability to brand and customize extends far beyond the booth. We can help your branded photo activation reach it's maximum social potential by crafting an experience tailored to your specific goals.

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Custom Sharing Messages

When guests share from the sharing stations at the event directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or send via text message or email, we can customize the text that accompanies their post/share specifically for each platform. Custom messaging allows us to extend the branding digitally beyond the booth, gives you an opportunity to drive a call-to-action, and engage with more consumers on social media.

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Custom Microsite

A microsite is a mini-website. Every time a guest shares from our sharing stations, a unique URL is generated containing just that guest's images. Think of it this way: if a guest's image is the product, the microsite is the packaging. It's our most efficient means of delivering the product to the guest, and you can brand it! It also allows us to measure how the guest shared the product after leaving the event.