Why You Don't Need Props to Have an Awesome Photo Booth

Having a photo booth at your next event is a great way to liven things up, and it allows you and your guests to create lifelong memories. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, charity fundraiser or any other type of event or celebration—a custom photo booth can make a fantastic addition to your event.

However, there is a huge difference between fun and tacky. Unfortunately, the majority of photo booths tend to fall more on the side of the latter. The reason is that most photo booths utilize a variety of different props that are intended to be fun and quirky, but generally only end up making your event seem cheap. Although photo booth props may seem like a good idea at the time, the results are usually lackluster.

Instead of choosing the typical photo booth and ending up with poor quality, tacky or just plain dumb-looking photos of your event, the smarter option is to go with a full custom photo studio from Photo Buzz. Unlike traditional event photo booths that rely on props for effect, we take your event to the next level by using advanced technology to create a unique, stylish, and buzz-worthy experience for your guests.

The Photo Buzz Photo Booth Experience

A Photo Buzz custom photo studio is nothing like your basic photo booth. We focus on creating customized, interactive studios for high-end events. Using technology like green screens, GIF studios and a range of other high-tech elements, we craft an experience that goes far beyond the cheesy props and basic backgrounds found in most photo booths.

Although we do offer more standard photo booths, these still go far beyond your average booth by featuring an open layout that provides far more options than the cramped confines of a typical photo booth. In addition, our professional studio lighting and high-resolution cameras ensure sharp, crystal-clear images.

GIF Studios

Many corporate customers choose our GIF studio option. With this type of photo studio, your guests have the ability to create their own short GIFs. This type of studio can be fully customized using green screen backgrounds that even allow you to create fully immersive animated environments.

Light Painting

Our unique light painting studio is another option for creating truly unique, custom images. With this studio, you can create illuminated brushstrokes and light trails that ensure each and every shot is different.

Contact Photo Buzz Today

As a full-service creative agency, Photo Buzz can create a custom studio that perfectly fits your needs and your event. Whether you're looking to create something special that reflects your company's brand, or want to give your event guests an experience they won't forget, our professional team will work to design a custom photo booth that precisely matches your particular vision—whatever that may be. So don't settle for the standard cheesy photo booth for your next event. Contact us to see what a difference a custom studio can make.