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Top 5 Tips for Choosing an Experiential Marketing Agency

Business owners and professional event planners alike often run into the need of choosing the perfect experiential marketing agency for their big event or showcase. The right agency is crucial in bringing your event to life, whether you are a brand who needs to touch consumers directly through your product offerings, or you’re a business that needs to bring the brand experience to life on a big scale. Here’s the top 5 tips for choosing an experiential marketing agency.

Meet Their Team

When working with a specialized agency, it’s important to meet their team to make sure it’s a good personality fit. Tastes and styles vary between agencies, so meeting the agency, touring their office and talking face-to-face is the easiest way to get a feel for what kind of work they will produce in the end.

Create a Checklist of Expectations

When working with any agency, make sure you know exactly what end results you are looking for them to create. Creating a checklist of criteria for the agency will ensure that you are both on the same page throughout the planning process. And a checklist will make the experience smoother when working with an experiential marketing agency. For example, we sit down with clients to go over every point within the event production plan to make sure both brand and client need are met.

Experience Within Your Industry

Look for the agency to have previous experience with other brands in your industry. There’s a learning curve to the intricacies and sensitivities of every industry, and an agency that has experience in a given niche will make for better results (especially if the consumers within that industry are very particular).

Look at Past Work

Ask for the agency’s past event work, to see the vibe, style and outcome. Oftentimes an agency will have their own personality of work which is shown through the events that they’ve participated in. An in-depth portfolio of work also speaks to the experience of the agency over time. Look at PhotoBuzz’s website to see their past client roster, that includes many corporate brands and household names, which speaks to their extensive experience.

Relationships and Network

Inquire about the professional relationships and network that the agency currently has with other vendors, local government, producers, artists, A/V, caterers and other event production fields. A well-connected agency will also help in the planning process of your event, and can often put you in contact with other service providers or key people you need in the planning process, instead of trying to find these contacts by yourself.

No matter which agency you choose for your event partner, make sure that you do the research into the agency before starting work. It could save yourself countless hours and headache when you do a little due diligence upfront.