Corporate Event Photo Booth

The Top 3 Reasons You Need a Photo Studio at Your Next Corporate Event

Regardless of what kind of corporate event you're planning, one thing can be certain about the guests: they're going to take selfies. Everyone is constantly documenting each moment with a snapshot, and whether it ends up staying in your phone's camera roll or it becomes broadcast across all social media platforms, a picture remains the best method for putting a timestamp on a special occasion. With this in mind, there has been a serious uptick in corporate event photo booths to help guests document the highlights of their evening. By hiring Photo Buzz, you can have one-of-a-kind studios set up to keep the guests entertained, promote the company hosting the event, and give guests a keepsake that will leave them with a positive memory of the night, thus increasing their potential for return. Keep reading to see 3 benefits of having a photo studio at your next corporate event!

Fun for the Entire Group

It can be difficult for people to let their hair down and have some fun, especially if they're in a new environment surrounded by unfamiliar faces. Taking funny photos is a great way to break the ice for mixed groups and get the laughter flowing. The inclusion of props like handlebar mustaches or headwear like top hats and bows is a typical way to bump up the fun, but creating an interactive world where your guests can capture an entire experience is something only Photo Buzz's customizable photo studios can create. Whether you're interested in taking standard photos or if you're looking to branch out into creating gifs and light paintings, your attendees will love having a keepsake to remind them of what a unique experience they had.

Put Your Stamp On It

Getting your company's logo front and center is important, but overloading your guests with merchandise covered in slogans and emblems can feel pushy. Having a photo studio is a simple and subtle way to get your logo prominently featured and widely distributed. Having your company's trademark printed across a photo booth's backdrop is a popular way to have your business branded in each snapshot, but creating an entire studio that is customized around your company's event takes the photos to the next level. Recognition could even be doubled by adding a catchy hashtag or watermark to the photos, allowing guests to tag and track their pictures online by searching for the hashtag on their social media accounts, spreading your logo with each share and retweet.

Keep Them Coming Back for More

A corporate event photo booth increases the likelihood of returning visitors because the more fun your guests have the more likely they are to return for your next event, and maybe with a few extra friends along too! Every planner knows that keeping clients happy is essential to ensure their repeat business. Word of mouth is invaluable to a company's reputation and growth, and a picture is worth a thousand words. With Photo Buzz, the friends of your guests won't just hear about your event, they'll be able to experience it. Contact us today to learn more, and browse our galleries today for examples of our corporate event photo booths!