Customized Event Photo Booth

The Best Ways to Customize Your Event Photo Booth

An event photo booth is not only a great way for guests to have some extra fun during a corporate event, but it's also a fantastic opportunity to promote your brand. Instead of a generic, tacky photo booth at your next corporate event, try one of Photo Buzz's unique digital photo booths. You'll be able to control every detail of these photo booths and ensure consistent, quality branding from start to finish. Read on to see a few ways we can help customize your photo marketing for your next event.

Printed Backdrops

We offer an 8x10' vinyl fabric backdrop that you can print your company name on. This is an affordable option for customizing your photo booth and ensuring that your image is shared. You can both print text and a detailed background that matches your company's theme.

Vinyl Wrapped Photo Booths

Instead of a backdrop, you can also opt for an enclosed event photo booth. This gives the booth a photo shoot feel so your guests can take more dynamic photos without feeling self-conscious.

Branded Tablet Stand

Instead of having a generic tablet stand, ask our experts about branding your tablet stand. The tablet is where your guests can edit and share their photos. The stand can be customized to match the decor of your event, to match the colors of your brand or with a special name or hashtag. A custom tablet stand gives the appearance that the photo booth was done completely in-house.

Booth Software

Even the interface of the tablet and sharing software can be customized to fit your company's needs. Your company's name can appear on every page as your guests select their favorite photos and backgrounds. Once they're ready, you can leave them with a message asking them to share their photos with a special hashtag so you can track the pictures later on social media.

Custom Sharing Messages

With our event photo booths you can set up a sharing message to go out with each social media share from the tablet. With a custom sharing message, you can add your own branding or calls to action when your guests post their pictures. This is a great way to reach an audience outside of your event and control your social media campaigns.

Custom Microsites

We can also create a microsite with a unique URL for each photo taken in the photo booth. This makes it easy for your guests to share their pictures, as the microsite includes sharing features for major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As a bonus, microsites allow you to trace exactly how these images are shared once the event is over.

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