Experiential Brand Marketing

The Best Way to Market Your Brand with a Photo Studio

One of the most challenging hurdles in starting a new business is building a recognizable brand. In competitive markets, it’s especially important to find a way to stand out from others in your industry. In order to do so, marketing is crucial. It informs potential customers everything you can offer them. So, how do you market your business in a way that stands out?

At Photo Buzz, we believe in helping you connect with your clientele by creating memorable interactive photo sessions and event takeaways. A lot of of companies rely on marketing efforts through social media platforms, therefore, it’s essential to get your customers engaged with your social media. A great way to do so is using events and photo recaps to engage with your clientele. That is why many people are choosing to use photo studio like the Photo Buzz to market their brand.

Using Our Photo Studio to Market Brands

A picture is worth a thousand words especially for people who are in the event planning industry. At Photo Buzz, we provide our clients with the best event experience in our photo booths. We offer our clients advanced photo technology services such as light painting, green screens, and custom designed backgrounds. You can feature your brand on backgrounds, filters, and photo printouts. Make sure every attendee leaves your event knowing where they had the most fun.

Brand Inclusions

If you want your clientele to walk away remembering your logo, custom studios are the way to go. We can incorporate your logo, colors, hashtag and more into our custom photo studios. You can work side by side with our team to design the perfect photo booth and build out the best customer experience.

Event Takeaways

There is nothing better than taking a fun, themed, photo-shoot and actually having access to the photos afterwards. At Photo Buzz, our custom photo studios offer printouts or online sharing options for all of our photo booths. Let your clients walk away from your booth with something they are ready to put on the fridge for everyone to see, and make it easy for them to share their photo on their own social media accounts.

Collaborate with Photo Buzz Studios!

We understand that getting your name out there is only half the battle. Let us take care of that portion for you with our customizable photo booths. Contact Photo Buzz Studios today to discuss your upcoming events and strategy so we can discover which booth fits your marketing needs best!