SXSW 2017 Recap

Excited to share a recap of our SXSW studios and all of their unique variety!

Leafly SXSW 2017_2017-03-13_16-32-42.gif
Photo Buzz Studios_2017-03-09_16-55-51 {1-6}.gif
Zendesk SXSW 2017_2017-03-12_20-41-50.gif
The BE Conference _2017-03-13_17-04-36.gif

This year we did emoji portraits for our friends at FaceBook. At Strange Brew, we set up a whole branded booth combined with smokey graphics for Leafly. For Umbel at Data Dive, we got the opportunity to showcase our sleek and sexy glitch GIF technology. Zendesk had their logo cut out of a custom built backdrop for all of our guests to be creative with. And to cap it all off, we made an appearance at the BE Conference this year - collaborating, supporting, and sharing with other women in tech!