Things to do with a Green Screen Photo Booth

Green Screens: Beyond the Photo Booth

Event planning is always a big responsibility, and the most talented event planners are the ones who love to try brand new things. They're the people who aren't afraid to adopt new technology and promotion methods to maximize their client's buzz. If you're eager to take your upcoming event to a whole new level, it's time to forget about standard photo booths. Traditional photo booths are becoming more and more passé by the minute. The green screen photo booth, however, is one of the newest ways to entertain guests at your event, while boosting your client's brand. Green screen photo booths can be a blast for event guests who are looking to snap fun, fresh and exhilarating pictures. Read on to learn more about how Photo Buzz is pioneering the event industry with their unique take on the green screen photo booth.

Out with The Old

Standard photo booths aren't as entertaining as they used to be. People are getting tired of relying on cheesy props and low-quality print outs event after event. If you want to wow your guests, investing in a green screen photo booth is without a doubt the way to go. At Photo Buzz, we specialize in innovative and creative green screen photo booths that are suitable for events of all kinds. From large corporate events at SXSW, to grand opening parties, Photo Buzz's green screens can make excellent conversation pieces for all kinds of gatherings. They give event guests something to discuss and do, while helping marketing efforts as well. People just can't resist sharing lively and spirited event images.

Unique Green Screens Options

Some people are reluctant to try green screens, and may associate green screens with classic corny beach or sunset backdrops. At Photo Buzz, we give clients unique green screen backdrop options that have never been seen before. We think outside the box to create an image that reflects your branding and the theme of your event. For example, we recently set up a green screen on the floor and shot photos from overhead to make guests appear that they were laying on a pool float and looking up! Green screens aren't just for large backdrops - they can be used in the shot in so many different ways.

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