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Team "The Hard G Stands for GRAPHICS" or Team "That's What the INVENTOR Calls It'?

If you're looking to us for a definitive answer... well, keep looking. Frankly, we don't care what you call them, G-I-F translates to F-U-N. But as GIF culture has evolved, so has the way we classify the types of GIF Studios we produce. From simple to cinematic, here's a quick overview of all things GIF Studio :

Static GIF

The simplest iteration of this fun medium, a static GIF is made by looping 3 to 4 photos of guests in front of a static backdrop. We can take the static GIF one step further by incorporating a green screen backdrop, placing guests in any environment. Remember, in a static GIF, the guest is the only thing that moves!

gif photo booth
gif photo booth
gif studio

Dynamic GIF

Take a static GIF and add dynamic graphic elements in the foreground and/or background. A dynamic GIF creates the illusion that guests are interacting with their digital environment, and makes for a great digital shareable.

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Burst GIF

Fun and fast, instead of posing for a series of photos, guests vogue/dance/wiggle/move for just a few seconds. The action is sped up, looped forwards and backwards, and it is the latest trend in GIFs.

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photo party station

Living Photos

This Photo-GIF Hybird output accomplishes two things: speed and novelty! Guests take just one photo which is repeated in a series of frames where dynamic graphic elements in the foreground and/or background create the "Living Photo" illusion.

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gif studio for events
branded gif booth


Fully immersive, always impressive. We place guests into short scenes for a personalized interaction they'll be eager to share. From movie trailers to video games, this is the gold standard of the GIF.

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video photo booth

We lied. We definitely have picked a side in this never ending battle, and we're on Team "The Hard G strands for GRAPHICS"!