Having a photo booth at your next event is a great way to liven things up, and it allows you and your guests to create lifelong memories. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, charity fundraiser or any other type of event or celebration—a custom photo booth can make a fantastic addition to your event.

However, there is a huge difference between fun and tacky. Unfortunately, the majority of photo booths tend to fall more on the side of the latter. The reason is that most photo booths utilize a variety of different props that are intended to be fun and quirky, but generally only end up making your event seem cheap. Although photo booth props may seem like a good idea at the time, the results are usually lackluster.

Instead of choosing the typical photo booth and ending up with poor quality, tacky or just plain dumb-looking photos of your event, the smarter option is to go with a full custom photo studio from Photo Buzz. Unlike traditional event photo booths that rely on props for effect, we take your event to the next level by using advanced technology to create a...

Things to do with a Green Screen Photo Booth

Event planning is always a big responsibility, and the most talented event planners are the ones who love to try brand new things. They're the people who aren't afraid to adopt new technology and promotion methods to maximize their client's buzz. If you're eager to take your upcoming event to a whole new level, it's time to forget about standard photo booths. Traditional photo booths are becoming more and more passé by the minute. The green screen photo booth, however, is one of the newest ways to entertain guests at your event, while boosting your client's brand. Green screen photo booths can be a blast for event guests who are looking to snap fun, fresh and exhilarating pictures. Read on to learn more about how Photo Buzz is pioneering the event industry with their unique take on the green screen photo booth.

Out with The Old

Standard photo booths aren't as entertaining as they used to be. People are getting tired of relying on cheesy props and low-quality print outs event after event. If you want to wow your guests, investing in a green screen...

Experiential Brand Marketing

One of the most challenging hurdles in starting a new business is building a recognizable brand. In competitive markets, it’s especially important to find a way to stand out from others in your industry. In order to do so, marketing is crucial. It informs potential customers everything you can offer them. So, how do you market your business in a way that stands out?

At Photo Buzz, we believe in helping you connect with your clientele by creating memorable interactive photo sessions and event takeaways. A lot of of companies rely on marketing efforts through social media platforms, therefore, it’s essential to get your customers engaged with your social media. A great way to do so is using events and photo recaps to engage with your clientele. That is why many people are choosing to use photo studio like the Photo Buzz to market their brand.

Using Our Photo Studio to Market Brands

A picture is worth a thousand words especially for people who are in the event planning industry. At Photo Buzz, we provide our clients with the best event experience...

Customized Event Photo Booth

An event photo booth is not only a great way for guests to have some extra fun during a corporate event, but it's also a fantastic opportunity to promote your brand. Instead of a generic, tacky photo booth at your next corporate event, try one of Photo Buzz's unique digital photo booths. You'll be able to control every detail of these photo booths and ensure consistent, quality branding from start to finish. Read on to see a few ways we can help customize your photo marketing for your next event.

Printed Backdrops

We offer an 8x10' vinyl fabric backdrop that you can print your company name on. This is an affordable option for customizing your photo booth and ensuring that your image is shared. You can both print text and a detailed background that matches your company's theme.

Vinyl Wrapped Photo Booths

Instead of a backdrop, you can also opt for an enclosed event photo booth. This gives the booth a photo shoot feel so your guests can take more dynamic photos without feeling self-conscious.


Top Experiential Marketing Agency

Business owners and professional event planners alike often run into the need of choosing the perfect experiential marketing agency for their big event or showcase. The right agency is crucial in bringing your event to life, whether you are a brand who needs to touch consumers directly through your product offerings, or you’re a business that needs to bring the brand experience to life on a big scale. Here’s the top 5 tips for choosing an experiential marketing agency.

Meet Their Team

When working with a specialized agency, it’s important to meet their team to make sure it’s a good personality fit. Tastes and styles vary between agencies, so meeting the agency, touring their office and talking face-to-face is the easiest way to get a feel for what kind of work they will produce in the end.

Create a Checklist of Expectations

When working with any agency, make sure you know exactly what end results you are looking for them to create. Creating a checklist of criteria for the agency will ensure that you are both on the same...

Corporate Event Photo Booth

Regardless of what kind of corporate event you're planning, one thing can be certain about the guests: they're going to take selfies. Everyone is constantly documenting each moment with a snapshot, and whether it ends up staying in your phone's camera roll or it becomes broadcast across all social media platforms, a picture remains the best method for putting a timestamp on a special occasion. With this in mind, there has been a serious uptick in corporate event photo booths to help guests document the highlights of their evening. By hiring Photo Buzz, you can have one-of-a-kind studios set up to keep the guests entertained, promote the company hosting the event, and give guests a keepsake that will leave them with a positive memory of the night, thus increasing their potential for return. Keep reading to see 3 benefits of having a photo studio at your next corporate event!

Fun for the Entire Group

It can be difficult for people to let their hair down and have some fun, especially if they're in a new environment surrounded by unfamiliar faces. Taking...

SXSW GIF Photo Booth

As SXSW quickly approaches, you may be brainstorming ways to make your event stand out. Between the sounds, sights, and overall hectic atmosphere of SXSW, making an impact on event attendees is critical to breaking through the noise. At Photo Buzz Studios, we've helped brands leverage their reach through custom photo booths that make a lasting impression. Read on to learn more about our custom photo booths, and how they can help your company have a successful SXSW.

Holiday Party Photo Booth

During a holiday party, attendees have a blast exchanging gifts, mingling under the mistletoe, and reconnecting with family and friends. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to capture these fun times without interrupting memorable moments. But with Photo Buzz, it's simple: Instead of following guests around with a smartphone or camera, you can set up an interactive photo booth at your holiday soiree that's sure to add fun to your event.

What Is an Interactive Photo Booth?

You've probably seen photo booths at weddings or other events, but an interactive photo booth is not your average photo booth. Traditional photo booths rely on printed backdrops and tacky props while an interactive photo booth creates a one-of-a-kind experience with digital technology.

A Variety of Design Options

When you book an interactive photo booth, you can choose a design that reflects your event rather than opting for the same generic background and props used at other parties. From glowing lights, custom-made filters, to looping photos for GIFs,...

Dog Photo Booth GIF

Last weekend we donated our StudioLite Photo Studio to Fur Ball ATX 2017 to help raise money for Emancipet!

"Emancipet is a nonprofit on a mission to make high-quality spay/neuter and veterinary care affordable and accessible to all pet owners. We manage an expanding national network of high-quality, low-cost clinics; offer customized training and consulting programs to animal welfare organizations nationwide; and advocate for strategies and public policy that improve the lives of pets in underserved communities." -

SXSW Interactive Photo Booth

Excited to share a recap of our SXSW studios and all of their unique variety!

Interactive Branded Photo Booth

Which color makes your brand POP? Our Color Pop Studio is perfectly suited for branded activations, allowing guests to interact with the most visually representative element of your branding- color!

branded gif booth


Team "The Hard G Stands for GRAPHICS" or Team "That's What the INVENTOR Calls It'?

If you're looking to us for a definitive answer... well, keep looking. Frankly, we don't care what you call them, G-I-F translates to F-U-N. But as GIF culture has evolved, so has the way we classify the types of GIF Studios we produce. From simple to cinematic, here's a quick overview of all things GIF Studio :

St. Elmo Brewing Grand Opening Interactive Photo Booth

Our friends at St. Elmo Brewing Company celebrated their grand opening to the public on Saturday, and we had fun helping them celebrate with a Beer themed GIF Studio. Check them out! Great people, great beer, great local brewery.

social photo booth

We got a little giggly at Emo's last night for the Leafly Comedy Tour headlined by Jay Pharoah. Fun was had by all in the Photo Studio with custom props and a soundtrack of constant laughter. The gallery says it all, check out some of our favorite pictures from the night!

Interactive Photo Booth Alien Effect

We love creative events, and they don't get much more creative than Seton's annual fundraising extravaganza known as "The Fifty". Every year is a new theme, and guests come out in full regalia fully dedicated to play their part. This year they came dressed up and willing to be abducted by aliens in our "Close Encounters" GIF Studio.

Maybelline at New York Fashion Week 2016

We're used to giving guests direction when they step into the Studio, but when we created a custom GIF Studio for Maybelline New York at New York Fashion Week, we basically got to take the night off! Never have we had so many guests so at ease in front of our cameras. They casually and effortlessly worked it from all angles, then got to share and print their fit-for-print photos.

Harley Davidson and Rolling Stone Live Chicago

We were in The Windy City last weekend, putting guests on Harleys AND the cover of Rolling Stone. The weather was nice, and the bike was even nicer.

theCHIVE's Homefront Revolution Official Meetup

We went to Boston for PAX East this week, where our guests got to go into bunkers and dark alley ways with weaponry and combat gear for Homefront: The Revolution.

Blizzard Entertainment GIF Photo Booth

The good folks at Blizzard Entertainment came to us with a challenge: put guests into the game. We worked with their team, our designers, and spent countless hours creating a custom GIF Studio experience that met their goals. Over three days, six thousand guests were given the opportunity to be immersed in one of six popular Blizzard Entertainment games. This is still one of our favorite custom Studio Experiences to date!

Salem Season 2 Photo Booth

Last week one of our activations was set up for the television show Salem on WGN. Our guests were able to creatively find a thousand different ways to play with fire in our interactive GIF studio.