Beyond the Booth.

BOOTHS have walls, and we don't like being confined. We design mobile STUDIOS - open to limitless creativity, high design, novelty, and authenticity. Our Studios provide the perfect opportunity to create a buzz at your event that goes beyond the booth.

SOCIAL, CORPORATE, MARKETING - we design unique Studios for each and every client, and that never involves working from a template. Whether it's commissioning a statement backdrop for your gala, providing an engaging way to capture leads at your expo, or comprehensively branding every aspect of a Studio for your agency, we start from scratch every time and keep your goals in mind.

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Studio Spotlight

Last week we brought the Photo Studio to the stylishly modern, tiki-themed #JungleRoomBar at Graceland’s brand new Exhibition Center. By foregoing a standard backdrop, and instead opting to style existing lounge pieces, we were able to highlight the fun and classy vibe of the new venue while providing a high end takeaway for guests. (and who needs cheesy props when you have yummy tropical cocktails 😉 🍹🥥🌺)

Vintage Vignette > Vinyl Step and Repeat. For the opening of @nestmodern’s second location, we utilized showroom floor pieces to create a mid century living room set straight out of the era of Mad Men. Pepper in a few small items to use as props, and you have an authentic photo op that speaks to the brand, is interactive, and, most importantly, didn’t cost any more than a boring step and repeat would. Working with what ya got is just one way we can go Beyond the Booth.

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